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Twenty eight years of continuous experience innovating and creating solid, affordable solutions to migrate and maintain legacy systems.

We Specialize in Legacy Software Migrations, Data migrations, Code Refactoring and Maintenance. We serve globally and we are located in Toronto, Canada.

Serso, since 1994...

If one might wonder how we are good with legacy systems and "legacy" software migration and modernization, the answer is: we have been around since 1994. Our brand was created and incorporated as a company and started operating back in 1994, and has been kept in business until now. We pioneered the Internet. We helped shape the future (now, our present day technology!) of Open-Source Software and some commercial technologies. We were already working with production systems and maintaining them back when those were not "legacy" - and then again, we had to migrate them to new technologies as progress steadied in. Crucially, we had to keep learning, inventing, adapting and innovating. Simply put, we do have the "pedigree". And lots of experience.

The right skillset, the unbeatable experience, the diversity.

Our global, diverse team is very experienced and highly skilled. We strive to provide the highest quality services

Serso's team is comprised of Software Engineers, Business and Data Analysts, UI/UX Specialists, DBAs, Programmers, Corporate Administration, Creatives... Our business model, culture, values and goals, accommodate and encourage professionals of all points of the globe, all diversity, to join us. In exchange, we practice strict inclusion and fair payment policies. As a result, both our Team and our Clients are rewarded: the utmost gratification in successful work and results, happy, diverse and balanced work environment, constant progress and fulfillment. And, did we mention results?


Address and contacts

60 Atlantic Ave. Suite 200
Toronto, ON M6K 1X9

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